About us

#NomYorkCity Merch Shop by New York Food Truck Association (NYFTA) was created to help fans of New York food trucks support their favorite vendors during these challenging times. NYFTA vendors will earn 50% of the profit on every purchase made using their unique promo code and the remaining proceeds will be donated to a general vendor fund aimed at advocacy within the food truck industry.

The NYFTA is an association of the best mobile food vendors in New York that focuses on full-service mobile catering and experiential marketing.

We are committed to empowering local mobile vendors to grow their businesses and to succeed in their mission of sharing their cuisine with others. By connecting our members with potential business opportunities and bringing additional revenue streams through branded promotions, we ensure our members always stay relevant and busy year round.

Our members consist of a diverse group of mobile culinary artists who operate throughout the five boroughs of NYC and are approved by the Department of Health. Our relationship with our members is built on trust, and powered by our common love for food and good company. We are community-driven, always aspiring to sustain high-quality food, enforce street safety, and elevate food truck experiences.